• Buy Online - Gujarat Pride, Exquisitely Crafted Handicraft Products
    Buy Online - Gujarat's Pride,
    Exquisitely Crafted Handicraft Products

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  • Ashavali - A wealth of weaves and patterns
    Ashavali - A wealth of weaves and patterns

  • Exquisite Gharchola
    Exquisite Gharchola

  • Patola - The pride of Patan
    Patola - The pride of Patan

  • Pithora - Exemplifying highly enriched folk art culture of Gujarat
    Pithora - Exemplifying highly enriched folk art culture of Gujarat

  • Rogan - Innovative design expressions
    Rogan - Innovative design expressions

  • Sankheda - Embellished wooden crafts
    Sankheda - Embellished wooden crafts



Smt. Anandiben Patel
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Shri Saurabhbhai Patel
Minister of Cottage
Industries, Gujarat
Shri Tarachand Chheda
Minister of State
(Cottage Industry)

What's New

Gurjari Excellence Award

Gurjari Excellence Award
The UNESCO Award of Excellence for
Handicrafts has been granted to 80 craft products
from a total 189 entries
Gurjai 2015 (IBSM)

Exclusive Hand Crafted Products

Gurjari offers the best of wonderfully crafted furnishings,furniture, textiles and jewellery, which would appeal to even the most discerning buyer. The famous Sankheda wooden furniture is a gurjari speciality. Also available are storage boxes, small nutcrackers, metal jewellery, copper bells, baked clay items and a host of other delightful items. Intricate embroidered garments include skirts, blouses, kurtas and jackets.

  • Hand Block Printing
    Hand Block Printing

    Gujarat dominated the seaborne cotton trade through ages and is still today a major producer of block prints.

  • Embroidary Work
    Embroidary Work

    Gujarat is known for its embroideries in immense variety of styles and techniques.

  • Tie and Die Work
    Tie and Die Work

    Bandhej or Bandhani is the are of royals. ‘Bandhani’ is said to be symbolic of girlhood, love and marital happiness.

  • Puppets and Stuff Toys
    Puppets and Stuff Toys

    A puppet, originating from the Latin ‘pupa’ meaning doll, is literally a small scale figure usually with a cloth body and hollow head that fits over and is moved by the hand.

  • Clay and Teracotta Work
    Clay and Teracotta Work

    The quintessential clay pots to a variety of clay figures and toys like horses, cows, bulls, buffaloes are the items which are very essentially a part of Indian pottery. In Gujarat, tribes in the Dangs make and worship their own clay gods.

  • Bird Hangings
    Bird Hangings

    Pithora Paintings mean much more than colorful images hanging on the walls, for the tribes of Rathwas, Bhilals, and Naykas of Gujarat.


Chain Of Handicraft Stores

Chain of Handicraft Stores
Choose the most exquisite handicrafts from exclusive chain of 23 stores in India and experience the art of Gujarat